Marguerite Conlan

asked to say thank you

for her surprise retirement party

in her own words




My dear friends,

        At this time I would like to express heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to my retirement surprise party.  It was truly a surprise and I had a great time.

        I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your best wishes and congratulations.  You are all so generous with your sentiments and made me feel so fortunate in having such wonderful Saltairians as friends.

        I would also be remiss in not expressing my many, many thank you's to friends who took on the task of arranging for the delightful surprise.

        To Liv Hempel who I understand played a very busy part in the planning.  My dear friend is always there for me.  Thank you Liv.

        To Grace Corradino who actually convinced me to attend a block party at the Yacht Club -- that took some convincing.  My husband loved your invitation.  Thank you Grace.

        To Bob Mason, with all your business activities keeping you occupied, I think you were very kind and considerate to become involved.  I'm so happy to be a friend of yours.  Thank you Bob.

        To Frank Markus, master of the Internet and of all things that turn out to be picture perfect -- thank you Frank for giving me some professional judgment in this case.

        To Donna Lyudmer -- competent and very lovely replacement.  Your help and involvement is sincerely appreciated.  Thank you Donna.

        To Hugh O'Brien.  I cannot be nor will ever attempt to be as eloquent as Hughie in expressing sentiments but from my heart thank you Hugh for your tremendous effort and all your precious time spent in my behalf.  It me and so much to me.  Thank you Hugh.

        How can I ever forget my friend and cohort Mario Posillico.  Mario, you are indispensable.  How can someone who worked with you for over ten to twelve years not be impressed?  With all the hard work that faces you every day, the critical agenda that tends to loom in your path, you found time to make it a special and unforgettable day for me.  Thank you Mario for being the professional coordinator that I remember so well.  My friend, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have taught me in so many ways but also for your friendship and caring.  I miss our association a lot.

        Thank you from a very grateful and appreciative lady who will remember always the love expressed by all.


Marguerite Conlan                 






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