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The many enjoyable activities that are available, encouraged and permissible at Saltaire are self-evident. They require no listing. However, in order for us all to continue to be able to enjoy all those wonderful things that Saltaire offers, the self-governing experience of almost a century of Saltaire's successful existence, as enacted by the wisdom of many generations of Saltaire law makers deserves our respect and our attention. Our Village Code is a legislative guide to how we may co-exist with nature and with our neighbors, on this fragile barrier beach. It fosters the continuation of that rare spirit of civil community life we all enjoy here. All Saltaire residents, their guests and friends are urged to abide by the Code strictures so that Saltaire continues to be a welcome, inviting and fabulous relaxation oasis for this and future generations. As an informal guide to significant Code provisions this summary is offered to Saltaire residents. [References in this summary to the "season" generally means the period from 5:00 p.m. the Friday before Memorial Day to September 15.]

ANIMALS: Dogs may not run free except in designated areas and when led in public places, must be on a leash of no longer than 8 feet. The person accompanying the dog must carry a bag or device in which to deposit the dog's feces for proper sanitary disposal. Cats running free must have a collar with bell attached to warn and protect bird life. It is illegal to abandon an animal within the Village. To discourage the proliferation of the deer herd, the feeding of deer is prohibited.

BICYCLES: To prevent unnecessary injuries, bicycles may not be ridden after the street lights are lit during the season, nor at any time on the docks or in other posted areas, nor in a dangerous or careless manner. Each bicycle should be equipped with a bell in operating condition, which should be sounded at intersections in order to prevent collision and injury. Bicycles ridden post-season after dark, must be equipped with an attached headlight. A bicycle may only carry the number of persons it is designed to carry. Skateboards and roller blades are prohibited in the Village.

BOATS: Moored boats within Village waters may not be occupied except for the purpose of mooring them. In order to prevent pollution any boat mooring at Clam Pond Cove must be equipped with an approved pollution control device and may not be occupied during the season between the hours of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. (thus no sleeping aboard boats). Motor boats must be equipped with a functioning muffler or sound abating device and may not be operated within 100 feet of the shoreline, the marina, etc. nor within Clam Pond Cove at faster that five miles per hour. Operators of boats towing water skiers must be al least 10 years of age. Boats must be documented or registered by the governmental agency having jurisdiction, and may not be docked or beached within Saltaire without a permit. The use of personal water craft (jet skis, wet bikes, etc.) within Village waters is prohibited.

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AND ZONING: Construction may be done only in accordance with detailed provisions of the Code following issuance of a building permit and may not be performed during the season. Minor household repairs however may be performed during permitted hours in the summer season from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekends and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. However, continuous construction noise may not be generated. The Code details permissible construction methods, the permissible size of improvements, restrictions, on the erection of fences; swimming pool installation; zoning matters; sand fill use; variance procedures and appeals; and, numerous other matters. The Code should be consulted as should the Village Administrator-Building Inspector before any commencement of building.

FIRE PREVENTION: The prevalence of flammable brush and wood houses in the Village makes the threat of fire an ever present concern. It is both illegal and obviously dangerous to give a false alarm of fire. Lit smoking materials must be extinguished before disposal. The use of outdoor cooking grills is prohibited. Each building must be equipped, with a screen spark arrestor on its chimney, a long handled shovel at the front of the building, 100 feet of garden hose connected to an exterior water tap, a working smoke detector and a dry chemical ABC type fire extinguisher, on each floor. Wood and coal burning stoves may not be installed without a permit. Reeds, underbrush and flammable materials must be cleared from around buildings and may not be dumped in the dune area. Periodic inspections of Village structures are conducted to assure compliance with fire prevention and safety precautions.

PEACE AND GOOD ORDER: This section of the Code enshrines the universal moral principle prevalent in all of the major religions, that:



Unnecessary and unreasonable noise infringing upon others is prohibited, whether from an electronic device i.e. radio, tape recorder, CD player, phonograph etc., or generated by other equipment, tools, animals, or humans, etc.

The sand dunes which protect the interior areas of our barrier beach may not be entered upon. Nudity is prohibited and dressing or undressing on the beach or public walks is not allowed. Picnics on walks or beaches are not permitted without a permit. Alcoholic beverages may not be imbibed on the public walks or beaches, and persons under 21 may not possess alcoholic beverages on public walks or other public places. Ball playing on the beaches or on the walks may only occur in a manner not to interfere with others.

Eating, drinking, or carrying food onto the public beaches is prohibited. Interference with lifeguards is strictly prohibited. No radio, tape recorder, or other similar device may be played on the beaches of Saltaire, except with the use of a private, personal listening device (personal earphone). The use of profane, vulgar and indecent language is prohibited in public places. Signs and billboards may not be posted on public property, and hand-bills must be distributed in a manner so that they are not blown free.

Except for peace officers’ permitted weapons, fire arms are prohibited except pursuant to a permit.

Our security staff is charged with and expected to be zealous in bringing Code violations to the attention of violators to encourage compliance, and, where necessary, to the attention of the Village Justice by issuing a summons to violators. They deserve and are expected to be treated with respect and consideration. They are doing their job at our behest to protect our Village.

GARBAGE AND OTHER DEBRIS: Saltaire is still permitted to incinerate combustible garbage and does not have to barge it off the island as other island communities do, to their great expense and unsightliness. In order to continue to be able to incinerate, Saltaire garbage must be sorted. Our incinerator ashes are trucked to a mainland land fill, and if glass or metal is found in the ashes our dumping permit is subject to cancellation. Thus, combustible garbage should be segregated, and placed in a tied plastic bag and placed in a tightly closed and marked separate refuse container. Non-combustible "recyclable" refuse, i.e., glass or metal containers (other than pressurized cans or containers previously filled with combustible materials) must be placed unbagged in the covered tan and green container marked "WRAP". Non-combustible and non-recyclable material e.g., mirror glass, bulbs, crockery, paint cans, pressurized cans formerly containing flammable material, etc., are to be kept in a separate, marked and covered refuse container and put out for collection. Newspapers, cartons and paper in bulk should be bound with cord or tape and separately put out for collection. Refuse of any kind may not be left nor disposed of on the Village walks or other public places. At limited times the Village may announce collection of brush and twigs securely tied in bundles not exceeding 24 inches in diameter and 30 inches in length. At all other times bulk items, appliances, furniture, bicycles, brush, grass, vegetation cuttings, tree stumps, branches, etc. are to be removed by the Village carter at the owner’s expense.

VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC: One of Saltaire’s glories is the relative absence of motor vehicle traffic. Motor vehicles may enter the Village and operate on Village walks, only upon permit. Details of the requirements for the limited number of permits that may be issued, may be obtained from the Village office.

MISCELLANEOUS: Public refuse containers are not to be used for the disposal of household refuse. Village property may be used only for the purposes intended, and personal property may not be abandoned and, if found abandoned, may be disposed of by the Village at the cost of owner.

WATER USE: The Village is supplied by water from an ancient aquifer lying under the barrier beach and the ocean. We use water far more extensively than it is replaced in the aquifer. Thus, water should not be wasted. Irrigation systems and other such devices require back-flow preventer systems. During the season, form 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (the hours of greatest use) the watering of gardens is prohibited. The Village water system may not be used to supply geothermal heat pumps.

THE FOREGOING is intended to be a summary of some, but not all of the provisions of the Village Code. Other matters such as the detailed building construction rules, zoning, operations of water taxis and charter boats, taxation, aircraft use and other matters not figuring in the day-to-day life of a Saltaire inhabitant have not been summarized and those interested may obtain further information on those subjects. The detailed contents of the Village Code may be examined at the Village Office from which a copy may be obtained at cost. The restrictions and prohibitions provided for in the Village Code are not intended to be intrusive but have been, in the wisdom of several decades of Village governance, enacted as the minimum necessary to preserve and protect our natural resources and our Village civility, so as to enable us to maintain the charming world of Saltaire.

Village residents are welcomed and urged to attend the meetings of the Village Board of Trustees and to comment on any aspect of Village life and its Code which they wish to bring to the Board's attention. Meeting times and dates are always posted on the Village bulletin boards. Counsel asks that you note that this summary is intended as an informal and not necessarily complete, official or authoritative statement of the provisions of the Village Code. It is intended only as an abbreviated guide to the Code’s contents. The Code itself must be examined for a authoritative actual statement of its provisions.

A final cautionary, and it is to be hoped an unnecessary note! The New York State Village Law and our Code grants power to the Village Justice to punish Code transgressors by fine and in appropriate cases by imprisonment. The rarely expressed notion that violations of the Code resulting in payment of a minor fine is the price of doing as one wishes, has no place in this community, and the legislators have provided for more stringent penalties where appropriate.