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Dear fellow Saltairian,

For the past several years, each of us has had the honor to serve you, as Mayor or as Trustees of the Village.  This year, we again ask for your support we face critical decisions vital to the future of Saltaire.

Each of us came to the Board after years of service in other community fields.  Scott Rosenblum first came to Saltaire in 1978 and after long involvement in village affairs eventually rose to become chairman of the SCAA before being elected as Trustee in 1993.  Becoming Mayor in 2003, Scott has led the village through many difficult times, in which his unique ability to balance competing views and win consensus among both the Board and Saltaire’s residents has helped the community manage its many challenges.  Hugh O’Brien, a resident since 1959 whose family has been on Fire Island since 1909, served as Trustee from 1987-2001 and again since 2004.  He has twice served on the SCAA executive committee, including as chairman from 2001-2004, has been a member of the executive board of the Fire Island Association since 2001, and has contributed to the community in several other venues, including as a member of the Saltaire Yacht Club board from 1981-1997 (and as Commodore 1990-1992), experience which has given him broad insight into the needs of and opportunities for Saltaire.  Trustee Bruce Rich has served in that position since 2004, when he was elected after 26 years as a resident in Saltaire.  Bruce had previously spent a decade as chairman of the Village’s Board of Assessment Review, and had also served as a Yacht Club Governor, in each of which capacities his legal and financial background made him a valued force in the betterment of the village.

In the coming years Saltaire faces serious issues, including crucial infrastructural improvements, the maintenance of vital community services, managing our financial integrity in the face of a national recession, and, perhaps most basic of all, rebuilding our beachfront.  In these and many other areas, we believe our prior work and experience, our knowledge of the problems at hand and our relationships with other community and island-wide organizations and governmental bodies, afford us a great advantage in making those decisions that will achieve the best results for our shared goal … to keep Saltaire the kind of place we have known and cherished and want to see maintained.

In a few years we will mark the centenary of the founding of Saltaire.  We are pleased with the progress we have made in our ongoing efforts to maintain and protect Saltaire, for the present and for the future.  It is with an eye toward that future, as well as toward a better community for we who reside here today, that we ask your support as we stand for election to the Board this year.

Thank you for your consideration.


Scott S. Rosenblum

Hugh A. O’Brien

Bruce A. Rich

May 14, 2008

Election Day is Friday, May 23, 2008.  Polls will be open in the library at the Village Hall from 12:00 noon – 9:00 p.m.



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