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May 2007

My fellow Saltaire-ians,

I am once again seeking your support as I stand for re-election to the position of Village Trustee in the upcoming election on May 25th.  As many of you know, I have had the honor of serving on the Village Board for the past four years.  These years have been a tremendous learning experience for me as well as years of great challenge for our Village. 

In my two prior terms on the Board I have served as Deputy Mayor as well as Commissioner of Public Works (2005-to date) and Commissioner of Public Health and Safety (2003-2004).  We have seen through major construction and renovation projects that will strengthen our infrastructure and provide a solid foundation for years to come.  We have dealt with major social and quality of life issues including the decommissioning of our incinerator as well as the introduction of barbecuing and night bike riding to mention some of the more controversial topics.  Through the debates on these issues I have had the opportunity to listen and thoughtfully respond to the many varied voices and views of the village residents. I provided insight and leadership to the board moving these issues from endless cycles of debate to action.  This is an attribute that I believe has served the village well.

The past two years have been particularly trying as we struggled at times under the weight of vexing litigation that challenged our personal integrity as well as the very fabric of our village governing process.  I led an active, but ultimately unsuccessful effort to find an amicable resolution to these lawsuits.  Ultimately these challenges were dismissed by the courts.  It is our hope that this sad saga will fade into our history and that we will be the wiser as we govern our village going forward.

In closing I urge those of you who have been involved to remain active and engaged and ask those who have been less active to take the time to be informed and make your opinions known.

I hope that no one will be dissuaded from coming to the polls and exercising their vote.  The Village needs an involved electorate.  As importantly, we need your voices at our meetings as there are a number of critical issues remain to be resolved.

I look forward to your support on May 25th and the opportunity to serve for another term.


Bob Cox




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