Reconstructing the Saltaire Marina

The first stage of Saltaire's two year project to replace the old docks began in late Spetember 2005 with the demolition and replacement of the East dock north of the 'bridge.'

Work resumed the fall of 2006 and continued through the winter into 2007.  After replacing the old West dock, the remaining section of the East dock was reconstructed.

In the early fall of 2007, the new dock house was built and the project was complete.





Work began in late September 2005.



By mid-October, the dockhouse was gone and steel was being driven.


Two weeks later, as more steel went in, progress was obvious.



By Veterans' Day, work had begun on the north face.


Mid-December saw the steel work south of the 'bridge' completed.


The next job was driving pilings to support the deck.


By February 2006, everything but the deck surface was completed.


In late February, with the dock north of the bridge finished ...


Looking East over frozen marina from new West dock.

... and work was underway from Broadway to the bridge.


Fall 06
Work resumed in the fall with the construction of the new west dock.


Fall 06
By February 2007, the west dock was finished ...


Feb 2007














With decking, lights and wagon racks installed, the dock was in use in the summer of 2007.


Fall 06
In the fall, work began on the new dockhouse ...


Fall 06
... and progressed rapidly.  It was opened in early December 2007.



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